This isn’t my first blog. No my first blog was kattraveldiary.blogspot.com. As with all journeys in life, as we grow, as we change, so do the things in our life.

My first blog was to serve as my personal travel diary. I’ve been on the road for 9 months now and am realizing that my journey is about more than just where my wheels take me and my ‘toaster’ each week. There is a deeper journey, one that explores who I am, seeks to enrich my personal self and seeks to develop meaningful connections.

As with anything in life, its easy to get distracted. Find ourselves falling into old patterns rather than new growth. I hope to use this blog to help keep me on track. I hope that some of the journey’s I take and explorations I make will help you on your journey too.

With that, a little intro about me, why I chose this blog name and what’s next in my journey.

About Me

I’m a single lady of working age with a daughter in Louisiana who loves to hike, kayak, explore the outdoors and make new friends. I’m an outgoing introvert. I struggle with leading a healthy lifestyle. This is important to me because of my family’s health and how good I feel when I am healthy.

Why the Tethered Toaster?

I played with many names, like Journey Squared, Tethered Travels and others, but alas, they were taken! I thought of Tethered Gypsy but found that gypsy represents a people and I do not have that heritage.  I chose tethered, because due to my remote work for my company I am always required to be somewhere where I have good connectivity. I chose toaster because of my Airstream. Kind of looks like a big toaster doesn’t it?

What’s Next?

As I move from this point, my journey will focus on several things: increasing my interpersonal awareness, finding a balance with a healthier lifestyle and exploring new skills and talents such as learning to play the violin, getting better at yoga and speaking a new language.

Thank you for sharing my journey with me, I look forward to meeting you down the road!

Thanks to William Trinkle for the awesome picture of my rig featured in my blog header.